I help buyers of Spanish property achieve their goals without making expensive mistakes.

If you want to buy a property in Spain, and you are finding contradictory, confusing and sometimes questionable information wherever you look, then this website is intended for you. 

I use my decades of experience of the Spanish Property market to help you navigate the market place without making VERY expensive mistakes. 


  • Honesty- Most of my clients are making life changing decisions. Those decisions need to be made based on honest guidance. 
  • Accuracy - In the "Post Truth" age, and when dealing with agents and advertisers who are incentivised by sales, fact checking is more important than ever. My legal training enables me to identify reliable information to share with you.   
  • Independence - Much of the Spanish Property Market works on a commission for referral basis, even legal services and furniture suppliers! I work for my clients recommending the best service providers, not the ones that pay me.  


  • To offer honest, accurate and independent help and assistan​​​​​​​​​ce to buyers, owners and sellers of Spanish Property.
  • To ensure that wherever a service has a cost, it is outweighed by the saving the customer will benefit from, had they not used my service 
  • To help customers avoid expensive and sometimes life-changing mistakes.
  • To help customers save money

About Me 

My parents bought their first Spanish property in 1980 on the border of the Alicante and Murcia Regions. In the late 80's they then bought two investment properties in the Canary Islands. 

Spain has been part of my life since before I can remember. In 2000 I moved to Spain full time and started a career working for a property sales company. I was quickly promoted to manager of their second resales office, just outside of Torrevieja. 

As my career progressed I held various positions including International Sales Manager of a large property developer, building over 1500 properties a year. I also managed the aftersales department of a successful agency before being invited to become director of an agency specialising in new build sales. 

During the financial crisis I returned to the UK and studied Law in Bristol. 

I have a wealth of knowledge regarding Spain and the Spanish property industry and I now support overseas buyers as they search for property in Spain.

In recent years I have seen the industry become more and more disjointed, and I have frequently come across misinformation, often innocent but sadly sometimes not.

I launched The Spanish Property Expert in 2020 as a service that provides accurate, independent information, in an easily accessible format, to people who want to buy property in Spain.

I love Spain, and I want to make sure that others can get the same enjoyment out of such a wonderful country, without falling foul of poor selling practices or well intentioned, but all the same misguided, advice. 

What people say about me...

Carly Brimacombe

A highly recommended course


From knowing nothing at all, I now feel confident to purchase a Spanish property. The information included is invaluable to a completely new buyer and I can’t imagine how anyone could purchase in Spain without completing this course first”.

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