"The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Property in Spain Without Making VERY Expensive Mistakes"

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What You’ll Get During The FREE 30 MINUTE LIVE WEBINAR!

I will answer all of these questions and more:

  • Why do you some times see the same property for sale at two different prices?
  • Why do you sometimes see very similar properties for sale at completely different prices?
  • Why are so many properties unavailable when you ask for details? 
  • Why do so many properties have no address details?
  • Why are property details often so vague?
  • Why do you see the same property for sale by so many different agents? 

I will explain how the Spanish property market operates in a completely different way to Northern European markets, revealing the single most important thing that you need to know before dealing with Spanish estate agents. 

This is an immensely valuable piece of information that will entirely change the way you go about finding and buying a property in Spain.

My webinar will open the door to huge savings and help prevent you from making the common mistakes that cost many buyers of Spanish property tens of thousands of Euros! 

After the webinar you will totally change the approach you take to searching for properties and dealing with estate agents.

I will help you to make sure that you buy the right home and are not sold the wrong one.

Tracy Bodenham Bought Apartment in Murcia

"James is extremely knowledgeable"


We recently bought an apartment over in Murcia after months of toing and froing. James was very helpful. He is friendly and very professional. James is extremely knowledgeable and introduced us to areas we would not have known about. We highly recommend his service.

Let’s start you on the right road towards owning your very own Spanish Home!!