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Why do I need an account?

You are free to browse listings and read reviews on the Directory without registering for an SPE account however if you wish to leave a review, comment, or to add a listing then you will have to open a free account. 

Once you sign up you will be able to select the circumstance under which we will contact you and we don't share your details with anybody (without your permission) so please don't be worried about being inundated with SPAM....

DO you Guarantee that the lawyers in the Directory are good? 

No, we cannot make that guarantee. 

The idea of the forum is that it helps you find a lawyer in area you need and, through reviews left by previous clients of that lawyer, you can gauge yourself whether they are reliable. 

The opinions left in reviews are not those of The Spanish Property Expert but of other users of this Directory.

We encourage you to leave a review of your lawyer after you have finished your purchase to help others who follow in your footsteps.  

We will be publishing further advice about how to select a lawyer. 


A number of companies have been added by us to the Directory using publicly available information.

We encourage Lawyers to claim ownership of those listings and to upload their own details.

In order to claim a listing we ask Lawyers to verify their identity and also to acknowledge that they are members of a Colegio de Abogados and that they hold indemnity insurance. 

NB. We do not check evidence of the Lawyers membership and insurance, only that the lawyer confirms that it is in place. We encourage all users to ask to see documentation before instructing a lawyer. 

I have spotted a mistake, what do I do? 

Our apologies, the directory is largely reliant on third parties uploading listings and on third party feedback. 

Please use the form below to report an error.


Please check for an answer to your question in the FAQ's above, if the information you need is not available there then please contact us with your question using the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours.