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 July 24, 2020

By  James

I often get asked what the best websites are for finding properties for sale in Spain. In this article I list 20 Spanish Property portals that I would recommend taking a look at. 

However first I will also focus on three Spanish property portals that, I believe, stand out amongst the crowd and which I think all prospective Spanish property hunters should make good use of.

Before I get to that though, let me give a very brief history of what a property portal is and explain why the property portals that come in at the top of a Google search are not, in my opinion, the best portals to use.

A Brief History of the Property Portal

The story actually starts back in the late 1990’s in England.

Countrywide, one of the “big four” estate agents commissioned a report into a new fangled thing called the internet and what it would mean for the estate agency industry. The report suggested that while the internet would become the first port of call for all house hunters, individual agency's websites would get lost in amongst tens of thousands of competitors. 

A single website was needed that could attract all of the traffic to one location. And so they teamed up with the other three members of the ‘Big four’, Halifax, Royal & Sun Alliance and Connells.

Together they formed a joint venture called Rightmove and they combined all of their portfolios on one website, focusing their combined marketing budget towards drawing traffic to that one site. Enquires made via the site were referred directly to the correct branch of whichever agency listed the property.


The Best Websites to Search For Property in Spain
The Best Websites to Search For Property in Spain

Upon launch Rightmove listed 70% of all properties for sale in the UK.

They quickly monopolised online househunter traffic and then started selling it to other estate agents who really had no choice but to come on board or be left out in the dark. 

The ‘Property Portal’ was born. 

A few years later Rightmove launched ‘Rightmove Overseas’, capitalising on their brand and their prominent position, right at the top of Google search results.

But here in Spain, they didn’t have the same headstart that they got from their “Big Four”  founders in the UK. They had to do all the leg work and find agencies to advertise with them one by one.

They employed British “account managers” to find estate agents to advertise on their platform. By doing so they created a situation where the biggest Property Portal in the UK almost exclusively advertises properties available through English speaking agents in hotspots which are popular with Ex-pats. The same applies to the portals that followed in Rightmove’s path like ‘Zoopla’ and ‘A Place in the Sun’. 

If I wanted to buy a house in England, it would seem pretty strange to go to Spanish Website that advertised properties only in the areas of England where the agents spoke Spanish. It would only really give you a glimpse of what is available across the whole market place.

So why go to an English portal to look for Spanish Property? (NB. If your answer to that is the language barrier then stick with me for my next article because there is no language barrier these days).

Idealista is essentially Spain’s Rightmove. It was launched in the same year as Rightmove and in terms of traffic, and number of properties listed, is the biggest property portal in Spain, listing properties for sale and for rent both privately and by agents

The website can be auto translated into several languages (English Included). Don’t worry if the agent doesn’t speak Spanish, Just check out my ‘5 Apps article’ where I discuss free communication tools to get round that. 

My favorite thing about idealista is that it has a great location based searching feature, check out the video that accompanies this article where I demonstrate it. It is extremely useful when you are not completely familiar with the names of all the areas and suburbs around where you are focusing your search. It allows you to search visually rather than have to learn all the locations first.

Another great thing about idealista is that it is very popular with private sellers. Obviously if there is no agents commission to pay then there is a bit more room for negotiation, so there are some real bargains to be made! 

The Best Websites to Search For Property in Spain

Fotocasa is Spain’s Second largest portal. Again it has a huge range of properties advertised across the whole country. 

And again it allows private sellers to advertise for free so there are plenty of bargains to be found.

The website is translatable but, the option to translate it is not obvious, I show you how to do it in the video.

Unfortunately the translation tool only seems to translate key parts of the site and not the main property description. Don’t let that put you off, it’s a great way of picking up some key Spanish vocabulary, but it is possible to translate if you need to. My next really shot video will show you two ways to do so.

The Best Websites to Search For Property in Spain

TroviMap doesn’t have the most extensive portfolio advertised, but it does have 35000 properties across the whole of Spain.

It can be translated into English and several other major languages. 

Trovimap’s stand out feature is its free valuation tool, and that's why I have included it in the top three portals. Infact I would ssay that this feature means that you should make TroviMap your go-to website whenever you find an interesting property.

You can enter the details of any property in the Spanish territory and it uses comparisons from other property sales in the area to give a valuation. In the video attached I run through the free valuation tool and demonstrate how I used it to get a reasonable valuation of a real property. I run through the report it generated and I show how I used the tool to flag an issue that, if not dealt with, could end up leaving the buyer with a very expensive headache, and which could be used as a justification to negotiate a sizeable reduction in the asking price.

So they are the 3 property Portals that I feel should be highlighted, but there many other ‘Honorable Mentions” 

Why not check them out using the links below! 

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