Buying Property in Spain

How to Budget for Your Perfect Spanish Home Without Making VERY Expensive Mistakes

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About this course

The costs associated with buying a property in Spain are higher than most people expect. They are rarely referred to in advertising or TV shows and when they are mentioned they are normally just quoted as a rough estimate of 10-15% of the purchase price. 

The reality is that the costs vary considerably depending on the location and the type of property being purchased. There could be as much as a €12,000 difference in the tax payable on a €200,000 purchase depending on where in Spain the property is located. 

There are also notable, and sometimes surprising differences in the running costs of different types of property in different areas. 

In this course I detail all of the costs associated with the purchase of a property in Spain, including taxes, legal costs and bank charges. 

In this FREE course I explain how those costs vary depending on the type of property being purchased and what the costs are across every region of Spain. 

I then explain the ongoing costs of Spanish property ownership, including the tax responsibilities of both resident owners and holiday home owners. 

It is likely that this information will have a large influence on what type of property you search for and in what location.

I also explain how you can save thousands of euros in costs and fees without affecting the level of service you receive from the professionals supporting you. 

Finally, I explain some of the mistakes that are commonly made by uninformed (or misinformed) buyers that can lead to VERY expensive costs later down the line. 

Following this course will enable you to: 


  1. Understand the costs that need to be accounted for within your overall purchase budget.
  2. Understand the running costs that need to be accounted for in your ongoing budget.
  3. Accurately estimate the purchase and running costs for any type of property, anywhere in the Spanish territory. 
  4. Know how you can save thousands of euros in costs (in some cases by ignoring the advice given by estate agents).
  5. Know how to avoid the VERY expensive mistakes that often made by unprepared buyers.

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