The TRUE Cost of Buying and Owning a Property in Spain.

Learn about all of the costs associated with buying and owning a property in Spain, including how to save thousands of Euros and avoid some VERY expensive mistakes

Throughout my career I have witnessed many buyers unnecessarily waste thousands of Euros when buying property in Spain. 

In this FREE course I use my experience, gained throughout 20 years working in the Spanish Property Industry, to help make sure that you do not make the same mistakes.

Hunting for your dream home in Spain should be a fun experience, but if you are not properly prepared the dream can easily become a nightmare. 

Making sure that you are properly prepared is not easy. The internet is full of conflicting information and most of the people offering you advice are motivated by the commissions that they will only earn when you buy a property.

How can you be sure that you are getting the advice that you need to hear and not the advice that agents want you to hear?

Even the most well known sources - the Property Portals, like Rightmove and TV shows like "A Place in The Sun" - are funded by agents. They need to be focused on keeping them happy rather than you!

To be confident making a purchase in Spain, and to make sure that you do not end up making the same costly mistakes that many buyers have made before you, you need to ensure that you are equipped with expert, independent advice. 

That's exactly what this course is for....

My FREE  course explains all of the costs associated with buying and owning a property in Spain. I will show you how to understand the taxes and fees that you will have to pay at the point of purchasing and how to calculate the running costs of any property, ensuring that you are not stuck with unexpected and ongoing expenses. 

I will also explain the common, expensive mistakes that are made by foreign buyers of property in Spain and how to avoid them as well as revealing how you can save thousands of Euros of unnecessary costs. 

Here’s What You Get:

As soon as you enroll (FOR FREE) you will be given immediate access to the full online course. The course can be viewed on any device with an internet connection and you can follow all of the information in your own time, at your own pace. 

There is over an hour of video lessons split into easily digestible chunks, each with a written explanation, links to useful sources and downloadable checklists .  

Each lesson is also available as an audio download so that you can watch, read or listen to the guidance at your leisure.

All of the information is laid out so that you can easily revisit important points throughout the process of your purchase.

It's not school, there is no need to memorise anything and there are no tests to pass! 

Prepare an Accurate Plan 

You may know how much you have available to spend, but do you know what you can buy with those funds?

The TRUE cost of property in Spain is much higher than the advertised asking price.

I will show you how to closely estimate the cost of any property in Spain so that you can commit to a purchase without being worried that there might be an unexpected expense around the corner.

Make Your Budget Go Further!

The taxes and fees associated with the purchase of a property in Spain can vary hugely depending on the type of property and the region of Spain that the property is in.

I will show you exactly how the costs are calculated in each area so that you can work out where you can find the type of property you want to live in with the lowest costs. This will leave you with more of your budget left to spend on the property itself.

Save Thousands of Euros 

Taxes are inevitable, while I will show you the places that they are lowest, you will still have to pay them. 

But there are other costs associated with a property purchase that can be reduced easily. 

I will show you all of the ways that you can save money, often by ignoring the estate agents advice. In total the savings on an average purchase should add up to €1000's

That's a lot of Tapas and Vino. 

Avoid VERY Expensive Mistakes

Proper preparation can save you €1000's in purchase costs but those savings can quickly vanish if you make any of the common mistakes that I have seen made by unprepared buyers over the years. 

Whether it be an unexpected cost that causes you to pull out and lose a deposit, an error at the point of purchase that leads to a big bill when you sell, or an unexpected ongoing expense that eats away at your disposable income, your Spanish dream could quickly become a nightmare. I will reveal the most common oversights and show you how they can be avoided. 

What's in the Course? 

Here is an overview of the Course and what you can expect to learn....


Module 1: Purchase Costs

In this module we deal with all of the taxes and fees associated with buying a property in Spain, explaining how the taxes vary across different locations and different types of property. 

I will explain what the role of the notary is in your purchase and how notary fees can be influenced by factors beyond the sale price of the property. I will then explain the role of the 'Registro' explaining what costs you will need to allow for.

I will then discuss the role of your solicitor and banks and the various tasks they will need to perform for you.

At the end of this module you will understand all of the costs associated with the purchase of a property as well as the roles of the various professionals involved. 

You will be able to calculate the true cost of any individual property in Spain. 


Module 2: How to Save Money and Avoid Expensive Mistakes 

Having explained all of the fees associated with the purchase I will explain the ways that you can save money WITHOUT cutting any corners.

This module is split into six chapters covering all of the fees and expenses discussed in the previous module, including advice on currency exchange that alone could help you save €1000's (NB. NOT the advice that you see almost all agents giving).

I will then explain the common and extremely expensive mistakes that I have seen made by many foreign buyers in Spain. I will explain why sometimes seemingly good advice can be misguided or even against your better interest. 

I will then explain the steps you need to take to ensure that you avoid those mistakes.


Module 3: Running Costs 

The second part of the course deals with the ongoing cost of owning and running a property in Spain. 

I will explain the property taxes that need to be paid and also the personal taxes that are associated with property ownership, both as a "Resident" and a "Non-Resident". 

I will discuss utility charges and what to expect from suppliers. 

I will also explain community fees and the factors, sometimes unobvious, that effect the amount you will have to pay. 


Module 4: How to Keep Saving Money and Avoiding Expensive Mistakes. 

Overlooking an ongoing expense when you commit to purchase a property can, in time, prove to be even more expensive that overlooking a large expense at the point of purchase.

Your Spanish home will not feel like a dream come true if every month you are worried about funding it. 

I will run through exactly what documentation you need to see and the questions you need to ask in order to ensure that you know exactly how much your ongoing budget needs to be. 

I will then run through some of the common assumptions and expensive mistakes that buyers make and that can lead unexpected and sometimes very large bills. 

About The Course Teacher,
James Brinton LLB (Hons)

James's family bought their first property in mainland Spain when he was just a few months old, later buying properties in the Canary Islands. 


20 years later he started his career in Spanish Property, working as a sales agent for what became Spain's biggest estate agency. 

Over the following two decades his roles have included being Managing Director of an Estate Agency, International Sales Manager for a large Spanish property developer and Aftersales Manager of a successful agency. 

James speaks Spanish fluently, holds a qualifying law degree and has a home in a quiet village in South East Spain.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor...

Mick Smith

Bought an apartment in La Torre Golf

"We're absolutely delighted"

"Working with James roughly 12 months to buy our first foreign property investment was a fantastic experience.

His knowledge was incredibly valuable to us. We're absolutely delighted to have completed on our property, and genuinely believe that if it were not for James we wouldn't have ended up with such a gem."

Julz Mower

Bought a home in Alicante Region

"We couldn’t of done it without you"

From my first enquiry about buying a property in Spain James Brinton got straight on it. 

We are now the owners of a lovely house in a lovely area. Thank you so much James we couldn’t of done it without you. X

Tracey Bodenham

Bought an apartment in Murcia

"James is extremely knowledgeable"

We recently bought an apartment over in Murcia after months of toing and froing. James  was very helpful. He is friendly and very professional.

 James is extremely knowledgeable and introduced us to  areas we would not have know about. 

We highly recommend his service.

*the photos are fake, but the comments are real. I'm happy to provide the references!

Thank you! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

I am very proud of the work that has gone into producing this course and I sincerely hope that it gives you a confident start in the pursuit of your Spanish dream.

The course is FREE and you are welcome to join me in one of my weekly webinars if you need clarification on any details. 

Producing and publishing this content does take a lot of time and cost me money and so, if you do feel that you benefit from the information I give you, please consider making a donation to help fund future content and help me help more buyers in the future.

I look forward to helping you find your perfect Spanish Home. 

James Brinton - 2020